Fit & Sizing

A vintage watchband is the best match to a vintage watch. Getting the correct fit at the watch and your wrist can be tricky, but we're happy to help.

We want for you to choose the right band the first time, ask any questions before purchase and read our FAQ and Returns pages then send any questions before completing your order. 

We do not file ends before shipment.
Bands that have been filed/altered/worn are not returnable.

Watches have different widths, lengths, and shapes and people have different fit preferences.
Because of this we measure our watchbands at the spring bars, flat against a ruler and without a watch.

The best way for you to determine the length you need is by measuring an existing band the same way we do: at the spring bars, flat against a ruler, without a watch. 
If the existing band is too short or too long, you can measure it and estimate the length that works for you. 

If you only have a watch & no band: measure your wrist where and how tight/loose you prefer, then measure the length of the watch at the spring bars. Subtract watch length from wrist measurement and that should give you a close idea of band length that you need.

After you receive your band and before before installation or any alteration:
double check that the length and width of the band you chose are as expected and work for you and your watch. If not visit the Returns page then let us know what the issue is, some things are easily remedied.